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Let's play this game called " When you catch fire" I wouldn't piss to put you ..

Winnie The Pooh Bear!

29 August 1987
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Hi! I'm Nicole. I live in a place not worth talking about, and I used to attend Murray-Wright Senior High School but then i moved and went to William A Wirt high school. I have good friends, and they're the ones that got me this journal to write in.i have had this LJ for some time now but that is not the point kitanabychoice is ONE OF THE BEST FRIENDS I HAVE EVER HAD.So i want her to know that I am i personal fan girl to summonillusion!!! I HATE POSERS SO IF YOU ARE ONE DON'T FRIEND ME OK I AM DONE NOW. I am also very good friends with animethief92 yay for me!